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Change is a creative and strategic internal communication agency mainly focused on organizational change and culture. We believe in providing a close, personalized and professional service. We come from the world of communication, creativity and advertising, and we put all our expertise at our customers' service.

We believe in managing communication as a means to an end. The ultimate goal is not to communicate, but to help organizations overcome their challenges together, and establish the company’s culture in the process. Communication is a valuable tool for achieving this and we know how to manage it. Everything makes sense when we communicate consciously.

We support organizational change, through communication, for the company you want to be in the future.




Every change within an organization entails new processes that need to be learned. That is why it is important to use an engaging, educational and concise approach when communicating those changes, in such a way that they can be re-visited when necessary. And when that happens, coming across a nice character that kindly explains us everything again makes the process sound more accessible and simpler, no matter how complex it really is.

central and south américa client


What happens when a quarterly meeting becomes too long and technical? Very simple. We turn it into a show. The result? High attendance, a much shorter event and a consolidation of the change driven by communication. We are really proud that such a respected company trusted us for this project.

Atento Global


4 development programs aimed at creating a tangible leadership culture that is shared throughout the company. We have worked in this fascinating project in which every step of the campaign had great impact from the audiovisual and graphic point of view, with amazing results.



How can we support a cause that we care about and, at the same time, keep doing our job? We formed an alliance with the NGO TECHO to help them drive value and achieve greater impact in the group of companies they work with. This is how we will reach the thousands of companies and volunteers who want to do their bit to support the right to housing.


What is Change for me? Just another word fo team, or trust. It´s receiving constant proposals. At a time when we seek a purpose for everything and resilience is present in every working day, having the Change team helps us to continue innovating for La Caja.

Luciano Lauria, Internal Communication chief - La Caja Generalli

What is Change for me? A great team of professionals with whom we create campaigns and actions to develop our transformation process. With Change we achieve a great connection that is reflected positively in our projects.

Etel Petrasso, Culture & Internal Communications Manager Plata Region - Nestlé

When the service you receive becomes essential every day at work, it means that this contribution of value is unique. With each person at CHANGE there is trust, creativity, energy. WE ARE A TEAM!

Ana Clara Rubio, Global Change and internal comms manager - Pro Mujer

Change Agency join us in all our initiatives: they are there when we need a graphic piece from one day to the next or when we need them to give us the best solutions to a problem. Fast, reliable, solid and creative!

María Florencia González, Training, Development and Internal Communications Coordinator - Fate

Working with Change is working with a partner that assures us always a innovative point of view and high-impact actions in an agile way that help us achieve better results.

Nadia Natacha Lorenzo Lepore, Multichannel Engagement & Digital Manager - Novo nordisk

CHANGE is more than an agency, it is a main actor in our Evolution, it enhances our conversations and efficiently defines our challenges. They are colleagues with whom we encourage ourselves to be more and more creative, to be better and to improve the experience for all GP teams.

Ale Gutierrez, Internal communication & Culture Leader - Grupo Petersen

Working with Change is having a strategic partner in our internal communication campaigns. They are creativity and reliability for our projects always exceeding expectations. Change Agency make our deadlines always seen as "beginlines".

Micaela Rubio, Communications Analyst - Litoral Gas

We worked with Change in a team-building recreational project during the football World Cup with the platform Intouchr. The team’s professionalism was impeccable. And the level of creativity of the project launch campaign exceeded our expectations.

martín luchía puig, Regional IS Director CE, MENA & GB at McCain Foods

We worked in close collaboration with the agency, and they showed a deep understanding of our needs during the project.

Laura Alonzo, Senior Associate Price waterhouse coopers

What is Change for me? My answer is: “They are part of my work team.” We think, we innovate, we challenge ourselves, we create, we empower each other, and we grow together. This is what makes the difference and that is what we look for in a strategic partner here at Godrej!

Leticia Cammarata, Communication, Culture and Community, Godrej

Change Agency does an amazing job to support the design of our communications, elevating the visuals and encouraging engagement from our team!

Shannon Gavin, ALG Corporate Communication

To us, Change is much more than just a communication agency. Not only is the content quality excellent, but also when we were losing hope and thought we were not going to make it, they would encourage us and convince us that we could, regardless of setbacks. And indeed, we managed to accomplish our goals, AND MORE! We want to highlight the team’s perseverance, their ideas, their agility and their commitment.

Eugenia Bianco/Agustina Del Giudice, Novo Nordisk


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